Baked Eggs, Margot style

There are few things as wondrous as a yummy breakfast, and this “baked egg” technique was a revelation! I’m new to the world of putting eggs into the oven, but after this lesson from my friend Margot you can count me amongst the converted. Instead of a Clam Bake, why not invite your friends for a weekend morning Egg Bake party? My wife Kendra loves eggs, so this was a great addition to our ovoid repertoire and a big hit with the members of her volleyball team.

I’ve discovered that you can actually go a lot of different directions with this recipe, if you want. Try adding a wedge or two of fresh tomato, some steamed red peppers, or some beautifully sautéed onions, or anything else you think would be yummy. There are no rules to Egg Bake! (Except to try not to hard cook your yolks. That’s one rule I guess.)

Here’s how Margo bakes her eggs:

Baked Eggs for 2 people

    4 Eggs
    2 Split and toasted Thomas’ English Muffins
    4 or 5 strips of Bacon
    3 healthy handfuls of washed spinach (about 1 bag, or 6 ounces)
    4 teaspoons of cream (one for each muffin)
    Salt & Pepper

Baking Note: Keep an eye on your eggs to make sure you don’t overcook them!

Don’t have any ramekins to bake your eggs in? This is a great ramekin set to get! Otherwise, I’ve gotten creative and have baked eggs in a pyrex dish too. You just need to build little walls with your spinach on top of the muffin to keep your egg controlled. My wife Kendra loves kitchen engineering challenges, so she just has the greatest time constructing walls and moats and bacon buttresses to make this work without a ramekin.