Mara’s Cold Brewed Coffee

For many, many years I was not a big coffee drinker. I instead enjoyed an afternoon PG Tips tea with a spot of milk and honey with the occasional thin biscuit on the side. Then I met our real estate agent Mara. During our open house tours, Mara got me completely hooked on her delicious cold brewed coffee which was rich and smooth and unlike any coffee I had yet encountered. I’ve since completely reworked my approach to an afternoon beverage and I’m now one of the coldest brewers out there!

I think what gives Mara’s coffee a little something special is the addition of a few raw cocoa nibs to the brew. It gives the whole beverage a luscious texture that is at least three degrees beyond the usual levels of delicious. Another tip is that you want to do your brew in a glass container, and use freshly ground coffee for the snappiest results. I really like this drink served over a few ice cubes with a splash of cream. It’s just like drinking coffee ice cream!

Here’s how simple it is to make:

Cold Brewed Coffee Ingredients:

    4 Cups filtered water
    1.5 Cups coarsely ground coffee
    2 Tbs. raw cocoa nibs
    (Optional: Star anise, cinnamon stick, nutmeg)

If you need to get yourself a good brewing vessel to fit all these ingredients, these nice big Bormioli Canning Jars are pretty great. You can also use them to make iced tea, which is also pretty darned refreshing!