Egg in the hole, Tyler MacNiven style

Who out there doesn’t love a healthy breakfast? After all, it’s the most important meal of the day! In this episode of Favorite Dish we learn an easy “egg in the hole” technique from internet adventurer, Tyler MacNiven. Tyler can tell you all sorts of amazing stories about when he walked the length of Japan, wrestled Mongolians, or won TV’s Amazing Race, but what many don’t know is that Tyler comes from a culinary family and knows more than a few tricks in the kitchen.

This old Egg in the Hole breakfast standby (also a “One Eyed Yogurt Slinger” as they say in the MacNiven family) is a fun way to spice up your Sunday morning. My wife Kendra loves being surprised with a tray full of yogurt slingers on a weekend morning. It’s great fuel for her weekend volleyball matches!

Here’s how to get your egg in the hole:

The Egg in the Hole Holy Ingredients:

(This one’s pretty easy!)

    Yummy Piece of bread
    Salt and Pepper
    Yogurt and berries

When you make these, don’t skimp on the butter, and use the tastiest bread and eggs you can get your fingers on. Tyler used a nice and seasoned cast iron skillet, just like the Lodge variety over on the Gadgets page. A non-stick pan would work fine too I suppose.