Sometimes folks ask me about my favorite cookware and kitchen gadgets and they’re often surprised to hear how few items I actually use! That said, I thought I’d share some of my time honored favorites in case you’re looking to upgrade your cookery. (And, as a bonus, Amazon even sends me a few buckaroos if you click through and buy something. Woo!)

The Le Creuset Dutch Oven
If I could cook with one pot for the rest of my life, it might just be my 9 quart Le Creuset dutch oven. Heavy as a small ox (especially if filled with liquid or stew) this is what you want to be using when it comes to making your stews and braises that bounce between the oven and the stovetop. ┬áCast iron with a beautiful enamel coating, this pot is where’s it’s at!
Amazon has lots of Le Creusets to choose from
Le Creuset Dutch Oven
The Lodge Enamel Cast Iron Oven (budget option!)
For who aren’t quite ready to throw down for an heirloom Le Creuset dutch oven, the Lodge version is a lovely alternative. A similar heft to the Le Creuset, it’s by the made by the same folks who make my favorite cast iron skillet. While some may complain that the components don’t fit together quite as well as the Le Creuset, it’s still going to make a great stew! (Pro Tip: If you’re going to use it for really high temp bread-baking, you may want to consider replacing the plastic handle on the top with a metal version you can pick up at your local hardware store.)
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One Skillet to rule them all!
If I could get one thing for my kitchen, it would be the 12 inch Lodge cast iron skillet. Solid, versatile, durable, and if you care for it properly (no soap and water!) it will last a lifetime and only get better the more you use it. It also is the best way to make a grilled cheese sandwich, as I learned from my friends Nate and Heidi of the American Grilled Cheese kitchen. Mmmm, grilled cheese…
Your stovetop workhorse!
Mix till the cows come home
As you saw in the Holiday Hazelnut cookie lesson as well as the Lacy Cookie lesson, nothing froths butter and sugar together quite like the ole KitchenAid mixer. While you can certainly get away with using a heavy duty wooden spoon for many recipes, you really do see a totally different result with a good mixer, and the KitchenAid is a solid workhorse that’s hard to beat.
Get your own mighty mixer!
Ok, well I’m just getting started here. More goodies to come! What are some of your favorites? Mixers, lemon juicers, knives, cutting boards? What are your kitchen stand-bys? If you do, drop me a line! QuestionMark