Ruby Red Vodka Punch

When Kendra had her family visiting for the holidays a little while back, I knew I had to find a great beverage that was going to keep everyone happy. Since Kendra’s people don’t speak a lick of English, I’ve found that having a cocktail or two lubricates any friction imposed by language barriers. Emily’s Ruby Red Vodka Punch turned out to be the recipe I was looking for. Wow, just pour a few of these beauties, and stand back and watch as everyone bonds with laughter inspired by impromptu pretzel mustaches!

When you’re serving a cocktail for a crowd, there’s really is nothing better or easier than a delicious bowl of punch. In this video, we get a wonderfully refreshing libation recipe from Emily that’s perfect for the holidays. It’s bursting with berries and citrus, so this goes down in a refreshingly dangerous manner. The secret, aside from the fancy berry lined ice cube that Emily creates, is to have all your ingredients chilled beforehand so you have cold punch when everything is all mixed up in a nice looking glass punch bowl!

Here’s how to get your punch on:

Ruby Red Vodka Punch Recipe:

    1/2 Cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
    2 Cups Pomegranate Juice
    1 Cup Cranberry Juice
    (Juice note: Use just straight juice! No sweeteners or blends. Also chill it in the fridge before making your punch)
    1 Cup Vodka
    1 Cup Triple Sec
    1/2 Cup Simple Syrup (equal parts sugar and water)
    Splash of soda (or sparkling wine!)

Serve up each punch with a skewered cranberry for a little seasonal flourish. Then sidle up to the nearest hearth, say hello to a new friend, and extend them a hearty cheers!