Helloooooo! I’m Hank Huckle and I’m just a lover of everything related to food. Cheese, wine, sardines, saltines, cookies, pasta, ham hocks, prunes — you name it and I probably love it. It all began when I was a boy crisscrossing this great nation as my Poppa moved between army bases. Each stop was a world of fresh regional tastes, from the beautiful seafood of Seattle, to Texas BBQ, to Maryland blue crab, to Georgian cheese grits, and on and on. My Mom and Pop were dedicated foodistas, and I was their happy co-pilot.

These days I find myself having a great time learning about my friend’s favorite recipes and getting them to share their tips and secrets in videos I make. It’s been so much fun! Friends also always ask me what gadgets they should get for their kitchen, so I figured having a website page with my favorite cooking thingiemabobbers would be fun too!

Outside of everything food related, I live in Pleasanton California with my wife Kendra. When I’m not in the kitchen, you can find me in my rare book shop (we have lots of great vintage editions of Betty Crocker Cookbooks!) or cheering on Kendra’s volleyball team. Go Pumas!